Prohibition by El Mocambo a.k.a "66" is a neighborhood lifestyle house (literally a house) inspired by unique brands and custom creative nostalgia. Located in the heart of Kensington Market, look for the iron gates and you will not be let down by the gems you will find behind them in the store's alley and inside. Everything in the store is brand new so don’t be fooled if the ambiance feels like its all vintage. You are getting fresh buys and custom designs. Soul sundays are always a good time with classic hip-hop, motown and funk playing all day. On the store’s Tee Shirt Wall of Fame inside, you’ll find custom designed tees and the new El Mocambo line of super comfy shirts that look and feel like they have been around for decades.

With walls decked out in early hip-hop and rock flyers, set lists, and other fascinating memorabilia, it's worth the visit even if you are cruising for a free lesson in music history.

First established in the summer of 2015 as a successful pop-up in Kensington Market on Augusta Ave., Prohibition relaunched August 2016 as a permanent resident after the purchase of the landmark Sanci’s building by new El Mocambo owner Michael Wekerle.

“When planning out the design of the building we had a few goals in mind”, says co-partner and designer Rycky Ruke. “The first one was to create a comfortable space that embraced the history and spirit of Kensington Market. Many times you see new structures go up and the neighbourhood ends up losing a piece of what made it so great. The second was to revitalize the building without losing the historic values and vibes that the Sanci Family gave the building while bringing something new to the market and to city of Toronto. The majority of the wood and other design elements you see in the store are original pieces that we reclaimed from other areas in the building that we revitalized. We started with the re-selling of designer goods at discounted prices and when we introduced my custom designed tees, we realised the demand was there for such a thing."

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  • 66 Kensington Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2K1
  • 647.748.3566